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ProfiD is an OTC alternative to AddR, a supplement used by people who wish to improve their memory, focus and concentration. This dietary supplement contains a blend of natural nootropic ingredients which are claimed to improve cognitive abilities of a person, increase energy levels, enhance mood and concentration. ProfiD has its own official website which has a professionally made design. You can even some information about the main ingredients in the supplement, however, only positive properties of these substance are described. The manufacturer provides dosages of only several components. You can find information about the safety of ProfiD in FAQ. It is claimed that the product has no side effects and contains some of the safest brain boosting components. One major complain about the product is that its nootropic ingredients are present in extremely low quantities, so that many users complain of having no positive results.

ProfiD is said to be a unique brain booster because it includes a nootropic called Piracetam. It is known for its ability to stimulate glutamate and acetylcholine receptors in the human brain. These neurotransmitters are connected with memory, learning, and concentration. ProfiD official website contains some information about tis main ingredients, however, not all of them are described on the official website. This supplement contains a combination of natural nootropics that help the human brain to work at optimal levels. Many of the components in this product need further studying and testing in clinical trials to prove their ability to improve cognitive powers and have a stimulant effect on the brain, may be some it aging and your skin to, look

The main principle of work of those ingredients is described as the ability to increase blood circulation to the brain nourishing its cells with the necessary nutrients. Thus, the product promises to increase synaptic plasticity and motivation levels, boost memory, as well as to improve alertness. Let us have a look at the ProfiD ingredients to better understand how they work together.

Piracetam is a powerful nootropic which is said to stimulates the cholinergic and glutamatergic systems in the human brain, however, this component has low potency compared to other racetams. Besides, it has to be taken for a long period of time before providing any positive effects. It may also cause headaches. Huperzine A is another component of the product. It is an herbal alkaloid which inhibits acetylcholinesterase. The latter is an enzyme which leads to the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. As a matter of fact, this ingredient can cause a number of side effects which will be listed further in this review.

Vinpocetine is a vasodilator that helps to improve the blood flow to the cerebrum, providing the brain with more oxygen and enhancing alertness. This component has a small effect on thinking skills, according to webmd. It also has many restrictions to usage such as bleeding disorders and a weak immune system. Vinpocetine tends to slow blood clotting, thus it should not be taken 2 weeks before and after a surgery. DMAE is another ingredient in ProfiD. It promotes the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the human brain. The compound should be avoided by people with clonic-tonic seizure disorders. It can also make the conditions of depression and schizophrenia worse.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an acid used in the production of ATP, the main energy source for the human brain. However, it proves to be very ineffective. Besides, this compound has a number of health restrictions for usage. You should talk to your doctor before staring to take it on the regular basis. Choline bitartrate is said to be necessary for the production of acetylcholine. In reality, it is a very weak supplement for improving mental abilities. Early research shows that taking a choline does not improve reasoning, reaction time, memory, or other brain functions.

Vitamin B6 is important for proper metabolism of carbohytrades and amino acids but its action is so mild that it can be hardly noticed. The same can be said about Vitamin B12. Generally speaking, it takes part in metabolism and in the growth of neurons. Tirosine is an amino acid that is said to reduce stress, enhance mood, and decrease anxiety. Taurine can be used as an energy source that fights fatigue and improves physical performance. The last ingredient in ProfiD is Caffeine which has a stimulating effect on the human brain, thus it is prohibited to usage by patients suffering from psychic illnesses, hypertension and heart disease.

The manufacturer of ProfiD doesn't tell about possible side effects associated with its usage, however, many people are wary of the negative reactions. They need to know the truth. For this reason, I made my best as to find some information about potential dangers on the product. These are not as "smart pills" as they are advertised, I may say. Mild side effects include headaches, nausea, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep and increased perspiration. Other side effects include nervousness, drowsiness, and feeling agitated.

One of the main ingredients in the supplement is Huperzine A. It can be dangerous for human health due to its property to slow the heart rate. It should not be used by patients suffering from epilepsy since huperzine A influences brain chemicals connected with the state. Use huperzine A cautiously if you have gastrointestinal (GI) tract blockage, sores in the intestine and stomach. This compound can increase mucous and secretion of fluid causing "congestion." It is also not recommended for people who have asthma or emphysema for the same reason.

Another ingredient in ProfiD, Alpha-lipoic acid, is able to decrease sugar levels in blood. It should be avoided by individuals who have alcohol or thiamine deficiency, as well as by those with thyroid disease. When using ProfiD it is highly recommended to drink lots of water. Besides, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might better look for another nootropic stack. Here are some of the users' reviews left online.

"ProfiD doesn't work at all. Its effect is similar to that I have after drinking a cup of coffee. But the latter is much cheaper and tastier. Do not waste your money!"

"I had a really bad experience with this kind of pills. For me ProfiD turned out to be too strong and I felt very bad. I took one pill in the morning and then my head was spinning so much I had to sit half a day."

"I didn't feel so much energized after using ProfiD. On the contrary, I felt panicked. I am not sure whether this symptom is connected with the pills. I went to the gym but my workout was as intensive as usual. I am very disappointed."

You can purchase a bottle of ProfiD for $49.95 from the manufacturer's website. It is not available on retail stores. The manufacturer doesn't offer ProfiD coupons or bulk discounts at the moment.

ProfiD has several nootropic ingredients that are expected to increase cognitive performance, but it is obvious that they are used in extremely small dosages in this product. This is the first reason why I am hesitant about recommending this supplement. The dosage of Piracetam is on the contrary, too high (4.8 g in a single tablet). It means that the risk of side effects is very high! I am sure that there is a better option on the market.

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