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There is high chance that you have heard or seen advertisements about producst with Garcinia Cambogia Extract on radio, television, or online. Many modern talk shows discuss this compound, even the famous TV doctor, Dr. Oz. a lot of his shows are devoted to weight loss benefits of HCA that is the main compound behind Garcinia Cambogia Extract. TGarcinia is a relatively new weight loss product that is also based on the ingredient mentioned upper. It claims to prevent fat accumulation in the human body, suppress appetite, increase serotonin levels in the human brain, decrease stress (including bladder pain - and reduce emotional eating.

The product is manufactured by a non-reputable American company. The latter has an advertising official website that offers only general information on the product. It doesn't mention a word about health restrictions of using the supplement or possible adverse reactions. There is no postal address of the manufacturer. It is only stated that you can return the product to Fulfillment Center; Attn: TGarcinia Returns; PO Box 25380; Santa Ana, CA 92799-5380. There is also a telephone number: 1-888-356-3274 and an email:

As you can understand from the name of the supplement, TGarcinia is based on its main ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA). Initially, it is a tropical fruit that is also called the Malabar tamarind and is used for weight loss. People believe that it blocks fat formation and animal appetite. It is also said to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It works by blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase, which is used to make fat in your body. It also increases serotonin levels in the brain. It is a chemical responsible for the feeling of hunger. Unfortunately, these claims are not always true-to-life and you risk not having impressive weight loss effects. A review published in the Journal of Obesity demonstrated that individuals who took garcinia cambogia lost about two pounds more than individuals who didn't take it at all. Even the participants of the study are not sure whether their weight loss was due to the supplement. They could lose weight due to their low-calorie diet and workouts. More studies are necessary to prove that HCA helps in the weight loss.

Since TGarcinia is a supplement, its manufacturers are not required to prove any weight loss claims they make on their official website. It is up to you to believe them or not. Garcinia Cambogia is not considered a medication by the government, even though it may provide some benefits. The product is not confirmed by the FDA. This organisation does not regulate them the way they regulate prescription or over the counter medicines.

However, you will have to be very careful not to get sucked into the company's trial offer scheme because in this way you will be signed up for an auto-ship plan. You will be charged automatic shipments of the product month after month.

As it was already mentioned, the manufacturer doesn't mention any side effects or adverse reactions of the product on its official website. It makes me think that it is not as beneficial as claimed online. The company doesn't take care of the health of their customers. So, the supplement may carry certain potential dangers. If you make a through research, you will find out that taking garcinia cambogia might lead to dizziness, headache, dry mouth, diarrhea and upset stomach. In 2009, there was a warning made by the Food and Drug Administration that weight-loss products with garcinia cambogia as a major component caused serious liver problems in a big number of users. The question whether garcinia cambogia is safe for your liver or not is still open.

Garcinia cambogia may interact with diabetes medicines, including insulin and pills, asthma and allergy medicines, prescriptions for psychiatric illnesses, iron for anemia, pain medicines, statins, blood thinner Warfarin, drugs for lowering cholesterol, etc. if you take any medicines on the regular basis, talk to your doctor before starting to use TGarcinia. You definitely should avoid it if you are pregnant or nursing, suffer from kidney or liver issues. Here are some of the users' testimonials left online.

"I wanted to cancel my enrollment into the shipment program bit the company did not provide me with full disclosure on the procedure. As a result, I had to pay money for unnecessary bottle of TGarcinia two more months. There is no chance to get a full refund."

"The product did not work for me. I did not lose a pound, on the contrary I only suffered from constant headache. That's just waste of money! Be sure you to link the staff before ordering TGarcinia in order to get all the details."

"The official website said there was a 30-day trial offer for 4.99, but I was charged for the balance on day 15. They also charged my for the cleanse and green coffee beans I did not agree to buy. When I called them to complain, they told me that I was not allowed to "refuse" from the delivery."

You can order TGarcinia as a trial offer. It is a way to attract people to buy their product. In order to get your trial bottle, you'll have to fill in a pretty simple form. This is when you get stuck because, in fact, you sign up for an auto fulfillment agreement. It means that each month your bank account or credit card will be charged a monthly withdrawal. Whether you want it or not but you will be sent the product each month, unless you cancel your subscription. By the way, you will also have to pay for that trial bottle if refuse to get enrolled into their subscription program. A bottle of TGarcinia costs $89.92.

I don't think that TGarcinia is the best way to get rid of your weight and body fat. The product may cause a number of unpleasant side effects. It is reported to be ineffective in most users' reviews. In any way, you should consult your doctor to help you make your choice of the weight loss product. TGarcinia is a very expensive supplement of its kind. It is probably better to spend your money on an exercise DVD and healthy food.

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